Richard McNeill

Richard McNeill


Born in Northampton England, McNeill studied at OCA and the University of Toronto and apprenticed with sculptor Robert Downing. For over four decades he was on staff, from technician to administrator, at the Art Centre of CTS.
He has had major exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Northumberland, the Koffler Gallery, the Canadian Sculpture Centre and BCE Place. Many large works from his Gazer series have been executed, as commissions, for development sites within Toronto. He is the recipient of many grants and awards and has been chosen five times to represent Canada internationally at FIDEM biennial exhibitions in Europe and the US.
In 2015, he was invited to participate in the China (Changsha) International Sculpture Symposium where he created a monumental clay for bronze sculpture over five meters high.

Artist Statement

I use symbols, forms, figures, structures, and movements developed in varied combinations over many years to make the improbable tangible. Thematically and stylistically, my art hinges on the idea of duality. Central to eastern thought, ancient mythology, and Jungian psychology is the notion that the universe, the self, and all things are comprised of interacting and opposing forces and are perpetually cyclical, moving from one state into another. Worked in a variety of methods and materials while combining diverse degrees of figurative abstraction within structured environmental systems and configurations, my present direction of renewal and regeneration unfolds from past accomplishments.

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