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By education Eamon is physical anthropologist, by destination a journalist and by inclination a sculptor. He has been sculpting and exhibiting for 40 years and his works are in private collections across Canada, the United States, France, Ireland and England.

Artist Statement

Eamon uses anthropomorphic renderings to help make the dialogue open to a greater number of people. He tries to capture the emotions, attitudes and feelings of humans – all humans.

Eamon believes that one of the roles of the artist is to try and create a dialogue. In his case it is of, and about, our human conditions. For him all his work is autobiographical – it started within him, and was born of him. It literally mirrors his reflection, on his reflections. And what better way to try and understand an ethereal, philosophical aspect of existence than trying to materialize it into a three- dimensional object? We, as sentient beings, have struggled with our existence from the moment we became aware of it. Perhaps, through introspection we can sort through the rhymes and reasons for being here and collectively we can continue to explore the astonishment of existing. Eamon’s art is an exploration of existence.


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