Sculptors Society of Canada presents…
NEW MEMBERS 2009, Dec 9 – Jan 8, 2010

Please join us in welcoming New Members at ‘Festive Spirits’, SSC’s annual
holiday celebration, Dec 9, 6:30pm.

Meet New Members:
Holly Atkinson,Sam Blaug,John Clinton,Marc André Jacques Fortier,Camie
Geary-Martin,Roger Golden,Marina Guglielmi,Heitham Hossen,Elaine Jaques,
Marlene Kawalez,Robert Tannahill,David Salazar,Myriam Van Neste,Peter
Wirun,Daniel Yu

HOLIDAY MAGIC, Nov 18 – Dec 4, 2009

The Sculptors Society of Canada cordially invite you to celebrate the Holiday Season! Give a treasured gift from our unique gallery.

Meet the artists Nov 21, 1:30pm:
Andrew Benyei,Eamon,Mary Ellen Farrow,Barbara Fletcher,Tonya Hart, Judy
Raymer Ivkoff, Maryon Kantaroff, Evgueni Kogan, Janine
Lindgren,J.Mac,Bastien Martel,Richard McNeill,Helena Ogorzelec,
David Paolini,Desmond Scott,Dina Torrans


The Sculptors Society of Canada is proud to present…

TONYA HART: Sleeping With the Muse, Oct 21-Nov 13, 2009

Opening Reception: Oct 24, 1:30-4pm

“The pursuit of creating oneself is complicit with the possibility of
destruction. Art then, is the object which survives the creative process.
This is especially prevalent when you find yourself caught – sleeping with
the muse.” T.H.

Sculptors Society of Canada presents…


Just-Us, Sept 17 – Oct 16, 2009

Reception and Opening Remarks Thursday, Sept 17, 7pm
Anne Tait, Producer, Iron Road
Kristyn Wong-Tam, Past Pres. CCNC;
Principal Owner, XeXe Gallery
followed by a Tea Ceremony performed by
Rita So, Connie Yu-Fong, and Emily Kung-Quance,
Chinese Tea Culture Canada Inc.

Artist Talk: Saturday, Sept 26, 2pm

Young’s mixed-media installations examine narratives of one of Canada’s earliest Head Tax families. Juxtaposing Yin Yan principles and numerology, her works incorporate industrial elements to address the multi-layered aspects of the emotional turmoil endured by her Iron Road family.

The Sculptors Society of Canada cordially invite you to their 81st anniversary members’ exhibition.

OCTOGENII + 1, Sept 29 – Oct 23, 2009
Opening Reception Oct 1, 6-8pm

Works by:
Adrienne Alison,Gordon Becker,Pat Brennan,Yeon-Tak Chang,Eamon,Mary Ellen
Farrow,Barbara Fletcher,Al Green,Karen Stoskopf Harding,Joyce Honsberger,
Judy Raymer Ivkoff,Saulius Jaskus,SunMi Jung,Maryon Kantaroff,Evgueni
Kogan,Oleh Lesiuk,J.Mac,Bastien Martel,Richard McNeill,Elizabeth
Merei, Helena Ogorzelec, Lilly Otasevic, David Paolini, Andrew Pawlowski, Laura
Santini, Desmond Scott, Alex Tavares, Tyzo David Toccalino, Dina Torrans, Judi
Michelle Young


Sculptors Society of Canada presents… 10th Annual Juried Emerging Sculptors Exhibition, Aug 12 – Sept 11

Opening August 13, 6:30pm, followed by Awards Presentation

Jurors Mary Sue Rankin, Dir. Edward Day Gallery; Ryszard Litwiniuk and Marianne Reim, Sculptors, selected the following participants:

Roger Golden
Elaine Jaques
Myung-Sun Kim
Nitasha McKnight
David Salazar
Timothy Schmalz
Robert Tannahill
Xiaojing Yan

Awards sponsors: Al & Malka Green, Artcast inc., MST Bronze Ltd.


Aug 12 – Sept 11, 2009

The Sculptors Society of Canada cordially invite you to a passionate journey through the powerful nature of stone.

Artist Talks & Opening Reception July 16, 6:30pm

Featuring works by:
Deborah Arnold • Yeon Tak Chang • Pavel Charousek • Eamon • Mary Ellen Farrow • Richard McNeill • Elizabeth Merei • Khang Pham New • Andrew Pawlowski • David Ruben Piqtoukun • Octavia Proca • Marianne Reim • Harold Rosnick • Dina Torrans


EXHIBITION, June 10 – July 10.

Opening reception and awards presentation June 11, 6:30pm

Jurors Paul Petro, Dir. of Paul Petro Gallery; Patrick
Thibert,sculptor/educator; Barbara Fletcher, sculptor/educator selected:

Laura Acosta, Fanshawe College
Chelle Bergen, Ontario College of Art & Design
Marianne Daoust, Université du Québec à Montréal
Milena Jazarevic, Fanshawe College
Alexandre Payer,Université du Québec à Montréal
Taylor Pilote, University of Windsor
Patti Waterfield, The Art Centre, CTS
Maxine Wong, York University.


May 7 – June 5, 2009

Discovering the joys of the creative spirit.

Opening Reception May 7, 6:30pm

Works by artists from the Al Green Sculpture Studio:
Ellen Blankstein, Thea Carvel, Dorothy Chan, Garson Conn, Jeannie Crowder, Penny Fiksel, Gerard Godin, Gregory Gue, Tootsie Halbert, Crystal Hawk, Janet Hunter, Inge Johnson,Jung Mo Kim, John MacBride, Brian Meeson, Hershel Okun, Ruth Love Paisley, Virginia Peteherych, Dean Povinsky, Jan Quinlan, Janet Raven, Gloria Robins, Dona Saunders, Donna Zekas


April 8 – May 1, 2009

Interpreting environmental awareness in conjunction with Earth Day.

Opening Reception & Artist Talks April 18, 1:30pm.

Works by: Pat Brennan, Edward Falkenberg, Barbara Fletcher, SunMi Jung, Judy Raymer Ivkoff, Maryon Kantaroff, Evgueni Kogan, Andrew Lindell, J.Mac, Bastien Martel, Elizabeth Merei, Tyzo David Toccalino, Dina Torrans, Lea Vivot, John Wiles.


Mar 11 – April 3, 2009

Capturing the essence of the human spirit through the diversity of facial qualities, structure and emotional expression.

Opening Reception & Artist Talks Mar 14, 1:30pm.

Featuring works by: Adrienne Alison, Gordon Becker, Pat Brennan, Brett Davis, Eamon, Nancy Farrell, Karen Stoskopf Harding, Saulius Jaskus, J.Mac, Bastien Martel, Richard McNeill, Elizabeth Merei, Anne Lazare Mirvish, David Paolini, Lea Vivot, Esther Wertheimer.


Feb 11 – March 6, 2009
Stimulate your senses on Valentine’s Day at SSC celebrations on Saturday, Feb 14, 1:30pm.
Special guest vocalist – ANGELICA will perform her self-authored works.

Evocative works by:

Adrienne Alison
Gordon Becker
Andrew Benyei
Pavel Charousek
Mary Ellen Farrow
Barbara Fletcher
Joyce Honsberger
Saulius Jaskus
Maryon Kantaroff
George Kassabian
Evgueni Kogan
Janine Lindgren
Bastien Martel
Elizabeth Merei
Helena Ogorzelec
Alex Tavares
Dina Torrans


Jan 14 – Feb 6, 2009
Opening Reception & Artist Talks on Saturday, Jan 17, 1:30pm

Please join us in celebrating the dedication and commitment of Executive
Members, Volunteers, and the A & M Green Fdn.

Featuring works by:
Al Green, Karen Stoskopf Harding, Tonya Hart, Judy Raymer Ivkoff, SunMi Jung, Evgueni Kogan, J.Mac, Richard McNeill, Dina Torrans, Judi Michelle Young

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