The Sculptors Society of Canada presents NEW MEMBERS 2008

Dec 10 – Jan 9, 2009
Join us at “Festive Spirits” in welcoming new members Bastien Martel & Tyzo David Toccalino on Dec 10, 6:30pm.



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JOYS OF THE SEASON! Nov 5 – Dec 5, 2008
Meet artists on Nov 8, 1:30pm

Featuring mixed-media works by:
Andrew Benyei
Yeon-Tak Chang
Pavel Charousek
Brett Davis
Mary Ellen Farrow
Barbara Fletcher
Karen Stoskopf Harding
Judy Raymer Ivkoff
SunMi Jung
Maryon Kantaroff
Evgueni Kogan
Andrew Lindell
Richard McNeill
Helena Ogorzelec
Harold Rosnick
Desmond Scott
Alex Tavares
Dina Torrans
John Wiles


80 & STILL GOING STRONG,  Sept 10 – Oct 31, 2008

Opening Reception & Artist Talks,  Thur. Sept. 11, 7pm

Celebrating the vitality and commitment of the SSC. Simultaneous exhibition at John B. Aird Gallery.

Mixed media works celebrating the vitality and commitment of the SSC by:

Gordon Becker
Brett Davis
Al Green
Tonya Hart
Judy Raymer Ivkoff
Maryon Kantaroff
Evgueni Kogan
J. Mac
Richard McNeill
David Ruben Piqtoukun
Marianne Reim
Francine Richman
John Wiles
Judi Michelle Young


80 & STILL GOING STRONG, Sept 29 – Oct 24, 2008

Opening Remarks by Dr Anna Hudson,  Thur. Oct 2, 2008
To be held at John B. Aird Gallery, Macdonald Blk, 900 Bay St.

Featuring works by:

Adrienne Alison Andrew Lindell
Gordon Becker Janine Lindgren
Andrew Benyei J. Mac
Yeon-Tak Chang Richard McNeill
Pavel Charousek Xin Meng
Brett Davis Elizabeth Merei
Dora DePédery-Hunt Anne Lazare-Mirvish
Edward Falkenberg Fernando Mofreita
Eamon Helena Ogorzelec
Barbara Fletcher Lilly Otasevic
R.Bruce Flowers David Paolini
Al Green Octavia Proca
Karen Stoskopf Harding Andrew Pawlowski
Tonya Hart David Ruben Piqtoukun
Joyce Honsberger Desmond Scott
Judy Raymer Ivkoff Alex Tavares
Saulius Jaskus Dina Torrans
SunMi Jung John Wiles
Evgueni Kogan Judi Michelle Young



BODYWORKS,  July 29 – September 5, 2008

Opening Reception and Artist Talks,  Wed. July 30, 7pm

Figural works examine the distinctive elements of the human physique beyond portraiture capturing the essence of the human spirit.

Featuring works by:

  • Adrienne Alison
  • Gordon Becker
  • Andrew Benyei
  • Pavel Charousek
  • Brett Davis
  • Eamon
  • R. Bruce Flowers
  • Al Green
  • Richard McNeill
  • Xin Meng
  • Elizabeth Merei
  • Anne Lazare-Mirvish
  • David Paolini


Opening Remarks by Phil Anderson, followed by Awards Presentation  Thur. Aug. 7, 7pm

Jurors:  Phil Anderson, Swapna Tamhane, Edward Falkenberg selected the following participants:

Yves-Laurier Beaudoin,  University of Quebec and Montreal
Deanna Bickford, The Art Centre,  Central Technical School
Sarah Chomko, York U
Candice Davies, York U
James H.B. Estrin, OCAD
Joel Fullerton, U of Guelph
Rosemarie Gordon, Georgian College
Maria Flania Litwin, OCAD
Rebecca MacDonald, U of Waterloo
Alexandra Mainella, York U
Becky Meyer, Thomson Rivers College
Laura Mitrow, Fanshawe College
Ashley Toner, McMaster U

To be held at Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen St. West, Toronto


The Sculptors Society of Canada cordially invites you to their New Gallery

Launch…Thursday, June 5th 7 – 9pm
Opening Remarks by Gillian Reddyhoff, Curator, Archives of Ontario; and Kyle Rae, City Councillor at 7:30pm

The SSC is pleased to present:

  • Edward Falkenberg
  • Al Green
  • Tonya Hart
  • Judy Raymer Ivkoff
  • Saulius Jaskus
  • Evgueni Kogan
  • J. Mac
  • Richard McNeill
  • Helena Ogorzelec
  • Wesley Rickert
  • Dina Torrans
  • John Wiles
  • Judi Michelle Young

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