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Born in Montreal, QC in 1937, Smith studied Architecture and Engineering at Sir George Williams University, and worked at Lawson, Betts and Cash Architects (1956-58). In 1967 he was elected into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA). From 1972-75, he was the Assistant Professor, Dept. of Visual Arts, University of Victoria; 1993-94, Visiting Professor, Dept. of Art & History, McMaster University.

Smith is a senior sculptor who has held a successful practice for more than fifty years. He was invited as a Guest Sculptor by the Sculptors Society of Canada to participate in the 10th International Sculpture Conference, Toronto, 1978. His work travelled with the SSC’s 50th Anniversary Celebratory Exhibition to Canada House, UK, Paris, Brussels, & the USA. Smith’s work has participated in numerous international exhibitions since 1961. He also exhibited with Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

His commissioned work is included in numerous projects with: Webb Zerafa, Menkes, Arthur Erickson, Bregman Hamman, Leslie Rebanks, Gene Kinoshita….and many more. 

Artist Statement

Everything – materials, texture, size, design, and statement in a work of art – welds together to appoint where there exists only the work itself. It just happens. A work of art does not need interpretation. It does not matter who or what I am, it is the work that is important—it should be timeless and with a power of its own. If it speaks, it will be heard and what I say about it is not important.

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