Inside Looking Out: Metal and Wood - John Clinton
Leaning Man
Making a Point
Inside Looking Out
Hands in Pockets
Regal, Eyes Wide Shut
State of Mind
The Eyes Have It
All Knowing
Big West Coast
Encaustic Mask
I'm Looking at You, Square Eyes
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Inside Looking Out: Metal and Wood

John Clinton | Solo exhibition
October 18 – Nov 9, 2018

Working in bronze and wood I have found that the surface works to define the piece – in effect becoming the texture of the story.
I am fascinated that by altering the surface or the texture I can change the mood, the feeling and the emotion of the subject or story.
Unlike bronze where I can create any texture, the reclaimed plywood forces me to deal with the texture I am given, creating a wonderful new challenge.


For more details and purchase information please contact the gallery:
Or visit the gallery at 19 Mill Street, The Distillery District, Toronto, ON, M5A 3R3

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