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Born in Yugoslavia, Otašević completed a degree at the Belgrade School of Industrial Design, and a MFA at the Belgrade Academy of Fine Art, Yugoslavia.

Since immigrating to Toronto, Otašević’s work has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Ontario and abroad. She was invited to exhibit in Dubai, UAE; the Asian Cultural Centre, NYC; Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery, NY;  and Nanjing, China.

She has been the winning recipient of Public Art Competitions:  Minto Urban Communities: stainless steel sculpture for Quantum Towers; exterior stainless steel urban furniture; wall-mounted sculptural works, Purdue Pharma; stainless steel sculpture for Burlington; iodized exterior curtain, St Catharines Arts Centre, ON. 

Otašević was elected into the SSC in 2003, and has served on the Executive Committee as Treasurer in 2005. Her studio is based in Toronto.

Artist Statement

My sculptural work illustrates the multitude of intricate textures, colours and forms found in the fabric of biological landscapes, reflecting a continuous inspiration by nature. I utilize various metals and woods, as well as glass and mirror systems that contribute to the interplay of light and shadow integral to my work. One of the main concepts I explore is how these ever-changing biological forms embody dynamic phenomena created by the inter-relatedness of organic and inorganic matter.  Although my ideas originate in nature, my work is taken out of the literal descriptive context. It assumes outlines that echo my interest in the endless cycle of being – the renewal and flow of energy through circles and whirls of different levels of existence.

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