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Marianne Reim


Born in Germany, Marianne Reim, has lived in Canada since 1967. She received her degree in Art and Art History from McMaster University, Hamilton. She has been exhibiting in 14 Countries on 5 continents and received numerous Awards and Grants. Her work can be found in private collections, Government of Ontario Art Collection Archives of Ontario, public collections of Art Galleries and Sculpture parks.

Artist Statement

The specific forms of my work float on the surface of a well of memory.  I create discreet objects, objects in series and installation.

My preferred material is steel, and/or Stone.  In my constructions, the material wears its identity through rough-cut edges, visible welds, and an undisguised slabness.  I may combine them with glass, stone, text, photographs, and miscellaneous findings.

By cutting, burning, and welding, experience, and emotion are melded into steel.

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