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Born in 1968, Trois-Rivières,QC, Roy graduated with BACC, Fine Arts, UQAM, UQTR, Montréal; a Diploma, General Welding, Qualiteck, Trois-Rivières,QC, and Bronze Casting, School Foundry, Trois-Rivières,QC.

Her work has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Boston, Europe, Australia and many cities across Canada including Toronto & Quebec, garnering many awards. Her public art includes: La Déesse du St-Laurent, Marina Port de plaisance, Contre-Coeur; Sculpteur, Parc Portuaire, Ville de Trois-Rivières,QC, Alléluia sculpteurs, Kinipi Spa Bains Nordiques, Trois-Rivières,QC, Event Center, Australia; Parc Veilleux, St-Georges-de-Beauce; and L’Édification sculpteur pour le 40 de l’école chavigny, Trois-Rivières,QC.

She was elected as an SSC Member in 2017. Her studio is based in Trois-Rivières,QC.

Artist Statement

Her work is physical…. It has been more than 30 years now, and metal is still draining its power of attraction on her.

Her wall works on steel, aluminum or copper, dealing with pictures, oil inking, engraving…..

Her metallic sculptures, forged, welded or cast.This medium became alive through her own hands.

The artist outlines a parallel between the magnetic, resilient, bright, fusional properties of metal and human relationships that could be related to these properties.

Her expression is physical, and not only because working with metal relies on physical strength: she’s physical, period. However, it is not a final one. On the contrary – it opens a strong chapter on her personality and the natural built-in of her expression. Affective naïvety and humility drained to the image with a poetic, feminine, intense and tightened to the womb signature.

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