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Nicholas Thompson


Thompson received his Diploma, London Art School, and residencies in Athens, Greece; Vermont, USA; and Studio Barsanti, Italy. His focus is on ‘portraiture’ in stone, wood, and plaster. His work has participated in numerous exhibitions internationally garnering many awards. His public commission includes the WWI Memorial, Cathedral Tower, Guildford Cathedral, England.

His studio is based in Ottawa ON.


My sculptures are an attempt to evoke a feeling of quiet contemplation, an inner life. The kind of stillness one might find upon entering an empty church or other sacred space. In an age of digital distraction, I am always seeking out moments of pause and reflection, however fleeting.

I use a figurative sculptural vocabulary and am rooted in traditional drawing, modelling and carving techniques. The figures I make often appear lost in thought, somewhat melancholic, focused inward. They are not intended to tell any particular story. The hope is simply to invite the viewer to stop for a moment’s rest, and to hopefully connect, however briefly, to the mystery of what it means to be human.

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