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My creative path was not confined by traditional education. As a mature student, I attended OCAD University where I learned glass blowing, glass casting using the lost wax method, then continued into bronze sculpting.

His glass works have participated in exhibitions at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto; Andora Gallery, Arizona; and at SOFA, Chicago.

Elia’s work is included in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada and the USA. He was elected into the SSC in 2016. His studio is based in Toronto.

Artist Statement

My father was a painter and woodcarver.  From him, I understood substance and surfaces. 

My work derives it source from always trying to fool people.  Playing tricks on people became using art to fool the eye.  From the front, my sculptures can look static.  Then as you start to walk around one you are surprised by the movement. 

Moving into a new studio – with more light and volume – has helped to energize and transform my work to various dimensions and mediums.

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