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Shoebridge received his Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto. Pursuing a visual arts career – he studied further at the Ontario College of Art; Toronto School of Art; Banff Centre for the Arts; and Central Technical School.

His work has participated in many exhibitions in Ontario, and his commissioned works are included in many private collections. He was elected into the SSC in 2010. His studio is based in Toronto.

Artist Statement

Up until very recently my interest has centered on form and figure, an awareness of the positive internal push on the surface which indicates life. Pieces are modeled in clay and I am always aware of the growing of the form.

I have an abiding interest in portraiture. Only through form and the eye’s curiosity and the minds imagination as it is drawn around a piece can we engage with someone not there and feel a presence. I have also always enjoyed the richness of variation in the forms making up the head.

Currently I am exploring other media while furthering my interest in capturing the human spirit and nature.  

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