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Saulius Jaskus


Jaskus was an educator with the Etobicoke and Toronto School Board inspiring many students to continue with an arts career.  His work has particiapted in many group exhibitions in Canada, USA, and Lithuania – including the Canadian sculpture Centre, John B. Aird Gallery, Todmorden Mills, Gardiner Museum, Etobicoke Civic Centre, and the Temiskaming Art Gallery. He was the president of the Colour and Form Society; a member of the Medallic Art Society of Canada (MASC) and was elected into the Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC) in 2003.

Artist Statement

My work is centred on the human figure, not just as a natural, physical topic, but as messenger of deeper metaphysical truth. The human form, though worthy of study in its own right by virtue of intrinsic aesthetic properties and endless dynamic possibilities, has a deeper significance for the psychological and symbolic messages it is empowered to convey.

Hence, I see the profane, be it the expressive face or the flowing figure, as the servant to the sacred, a self-reflective mirror whose surface must not be shattered to be penetrated to reveal deeper spiritual truths of being.

Stylistically, the body to me is inviolate.  Despite the lure of its underlying abstract forms, it is the beauty of reality as it is that thrills me.

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