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Susan Stromberg


Stromberg was born in Cut Knife, SK in 1945. She relocated to Montreal QC in 1963 where she studied Art and Sculpture with the Bronfman School of Fine Art. She received her MA, University of McGill; and Honours English Literature with Distinction at Concordia University. Her work has participated in numerous exhibitions since 1982; many private and public commissions including “Osmosis” in the Garden of Rideau Hall, Ottawa. She was awarded the Commemorative Medal by the Governor-General for her contribution to the Arts of Canada.

Artist Statement

I never copy myself or anyone else. In 37 years, I have made 500 sculptures and no two are the same.
Einstein said: “More important than knowledge, use your imagination”. To that, I have added curiosity, invention and sudden flashes of insight that strike in the middle of the night. I have used every conceivable material from sticks and stones, and bones and bronze and aluminum and steel. When creating, I enter another level of being. If you stand back and watch me, you will see me constantly in motion, looking and working on all sides, at all times.

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