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Tom Ashbourne


Ashbourne graduated with a BA, Economics, University of Western Ontario and an MBA, University of Toronto – lead him to a successful career as a corporate executive. As an art lover and collector, he was encouraged to visit and join the art community. His creative passion working ‘hands-on’ lead him to the many tactile qualities of stone.

Artist Statement

My sculptures exist as an extension of my artistic experience in an exploration of colours, shapes, and textures. For me – sculpture provides a unique challenge to create images and shapes from materials that initially convey no discernable image or form. Essentially a sculptor creates something from nothing. Unlike most media, stone sculptures are created by removing matter. My multi-dimensional stone offers the opportunity to convey sensuality, tension, beauty, and emotions. My pieces are contemporary and abstract. I prefer to reveal the stone’s essence and vision of its true self – inviting you to experience them within your own context, and personally interpret their meaning.

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