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Angela Verlaeckt Clark


Angela Verlaeckt Clark was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and lives in Ottawa. She is an international sculptor, poet and warm glass artist.

Her perspective on the world stems from a mixed Abenaki and Belgian heritage. Nature, texture, colour, emotion and deep reflection, guide her work.

A rare dialogue and bond is forged when working. It is the most compelling component of her art, The materials seem to breathe beneath her hands.

In 2003 she was admitted to The National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives and is an elected member of both the Sculptors Society of Canada and the Society of Canadian Artists.

Artist Statement

“Some objects do seem to retain the pulse of their making.” The Hare with Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal.

I feel this phrase describes of my art.

I am an abstract sculptor, poet and warm glass artist.

I sense a deep past in my stones that evokes of the opposing forces of strength and spirituality. Each stone and its poem is thoughtful and allows for contemplation and reflection.

My Warm Glass art is inspired by a 4000 year old art form, patterned fabric and the richness of Asian textiles. A fusion of glass melds into a riot of richly hued, vibrant, joyous colour that fractures in light.

Both mediums are inspirational and architectural.

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