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Di Lella is a Canadian artist, born in Toronto in 1956. He attended the Ontario College of Art and graduated in 1979 with a diploma in General Studies. In 1980, he founded Sculpture Moulds, a professional sculpture studio specializing in commissioned sculpture, customized mould making and casting. He has collaborated with renowned Canadian artists, governmental organizations, and is featured in private and public collections.

Artist Statement

Di Lella’s sculpture has always been rooted in exploration and experimentation with various mediums, concepts and emotive states. His work is primarily focused around anatomy, evolution, classics, and identity. When working with traditional materials or themes, he is constantly exposing a modern and unexpected twist that can often delve into satire or parody to challenge the audience. His most recent work has been hyper-realistic portraits. These portraits are meant to challenge the audience’s perceptions, to act as a metaphorical device to explore the concept of deception based upon manipulated reality. This experimentation and exploration allows for the enrichment of his own artistic journey, and allows for a more diversified and engaged audience.

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