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César Forero


I am a Colombian-born Canadian citizen with a background in architecture, sculpture, painting, and public performance.  I hold a MA from the Minnesota State University and a MFA from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. I have taught architecture, design and art at university level in Colombia, United States, and Canada. My ongoing artistic practice increasingly focuses on the creation of multimedia installations incorporating two and three-dimensional elements, plus dance and music performance, into the context of haptic experience. My work stands in a few cities as public commissions in Canada, as well as in both public buildings and private collections.

Artist Statement

The intent is to create a liminal space in which the viewer stands inside the environment as a participant, and is transported from everyday reality into a symbolic experience. I am inspired by the plastic sensibilities of construction, in which unconventional and recycled materials carry expressive and political meanings. My current life in Kirkland Lake, a small community in Northern Ontario, has opened my practice to the materials of the Canadian wilderness, and its deep coexistence with the wild natural environment. The paintings and sculptures that form part of the major installations also stand on their own as independent works, sometimes serving as exemplars of frozen movement, or mechanically put into action. Increasingly, I am including film and video elements in my work, using them for documentation, and as an integrated part of some sculptural works.

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