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Fred Hummel


Hummel’s work has participated in many exhibitions since 2001. He taught Physical Education with the Scarborough Board 1974-2008; and has taught and lead sculpture workshops with Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; and currently at the Haliburton School for the Arts, Fleming College. Sculpture symposiums include: International Granite Symposium, Korea; West Coast Sculpture Association, and Stanstead International Granite, QC, and Artist-in-Residence at Bancroft Sculpture Symposium. Hummel was elected into the SSC in 2012.

Artist Statement

Things natural are never boring. They hold endless fascination and wonder. I strive to reflect that natural wonder in my work, the sense of life through movement, expressiveness in the emotional response it evokes, elegance and sensuality in its execution and attitude. Recently I have been working with hard exotic stones from British Columbia, Alaska, Ontario and Quebec. I am inspired by the unique characteristic of each stone and am always surprised by what is revealed. In the past year I have also experimented with non-representational themes but still inspired by nature. Whether I work figuratively or non-representationally, I am always fascinated by the way surfaces relate to each other – the subtle ways these relationships can be changed. The use of the elements of design and how they inter-act challenge me to try new combinations.

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