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Holly Atkinson


Atkinson received her BA in Arts Education, University of Toronto; a Creative Arts Diploma, Sheridan College, ON; and a Creative Drawing Diploma, Atelier Lucenair, Paris, France.

Atkinson has been working in the arts as a graphic artist, muralist, dance studio prop manager, and sculpture instructor since graduating from art school. Her works have participated in many exhibitions in Canada, USA, and South Africa. Her awards include: Mayors Celebration of the Arts – Jurors Award, Cambridge ON; The Artcast Man Award, Georgetown ON; Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts Award, Mississauga Arts Council; The Founder’s Award, Ann’s Studio of Dance, Mississauga ON. Her work was also chosen for the Beauty and the Beast TV show. She is a member of: FIDEM, Colour & Form Society, MASC, SCA, Mississauga Sculpture Society, MAC, VAC, and was elected into the SSC in 2009. Her art studio is based in Guelph ON.

Artist Statement

It is my intention to experiment and push the limits of what can be created from various mediums. I have explored the possibilities presented by materials such as clay, winterstone, resin, paper and bronze. It is ultimately metal that excites me the most; the permanence, the finality, the weight of it. The lost wax process stimulates and challenges my creativity.

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