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Born in 1968, in Inner Mongolia, Xin Meng studied at the Fine Art & Design Central Academy of Beijing. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 2004, then relocated to Vancouver BC, where he founded and became the director of the Vancouver Sculpture Studio in 2012. With more than 35yrs as a sculptor who has participated in exhibitions internationally, he was invited as an Artist Mentor for the MFA Program at Lesley University, Cambridge MA. Currently, he is working on a 10-year project of 40 life-sized figures titled “Moment” as part of an international sculpture program and constructing a sculpture garden in Washington State, USA. 

He was elected into the Sculptors Society of Canada in 2006; and into the National Sculpture Society (USA) in 2018. Xin Meng resides in Vancouver BC.

Artist Statement

I stand alone: artists are dying out, replaced by the consumerist “creative entrepreneur” of the modern world. But I am not in despair, I have not lost my direction nor my ideals.

I am currently working on my sculpture series “The Moment”, and I hope to build a sculpture garden, creating a world of art.

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