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Makhani was born in 1959, in Ottawa ON. He was the recipient of the Danish Government Scholarship, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art; The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, Montreal; Fellowship & Sculpture Awards, Goa College of Art Panaji, Goa, India. His work has participated in Solo and group exhibitions internationally. And his work is included in many private and public collections: United States Library of Congress Office, National Gallery of Modern Art, and Academy of Fine Art, New Delhi, India.


Sculpture is about engaging space. The artist owes a responsibility as to what’s done with it because he now owns that space. Nothing else will exist in its place. It’s here to stay. My desire to create, to engage in the labyrinth web of our Being, to seek solace, a sensibility, a contradiction to the turmoil this world is engulfed in. It seems a constant flow, a constant battle to evolve beyond the gasping breath. As raw emotion churns the very soul, it needs more than just a language. How can I define a bouquet of a gazillion colors in a language of 26 characters? It needs more. And so I sculpt. I paint. I express. The life of an Artist is that of Self Discovery. We create our own questions. Seek our own answers. In the end it’s the journey that makes it worthwhile.

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