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J.A. Fligel


Fligel was born in Scotland in 1966 to a family of artists. Following graduation with an honours BA, Fligel worked in the art department of Upper Springlands helping adults with special needs, then later in the Film and Theatre industry in Canada and Australia. He settled in Canada in 2001.

Due to its beauty and durability, he gravitated to bronze. Subsequently, he represented Canada in exhibitions at The Florence Biennale, Italy and at The Exhibition Of The National Society Of Fine Art, organized by The Louvre, Paris France.

His work is included in private and public collections: The Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, Toronto, and at The University of Western Ontario, London with the sculpture “Professionalism”.

Artist Statement

My work encourages people to recognize the essence of humanity and the power of the human spirit, aiming to express a wide variety of human feelings, to show the delicacy and beauty of life, as well as demonstrating the diversity and equality between people and different cultures. My purpose is to show how much we have and how much more we all could have by working together for a unified goal of peace, love and caring. Through my sculpture, I hope to encourage people to see the basic values, the magnificence and strength of humanity and nature.

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