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Savard graduated from the sculpture department at the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec. Her work has participated in numerous exhibitions garnering many awards and commissions – Musée de la civilization, QC; Galerie Louise Carrier Lévis, QC; and ice sculptures, QC. Her invitational symposium participation includes: Sculpture en acier inoxydable Symposium international de sculpture de Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC; La rosacea de la marquise Service de l’intégration des arts à l’architecture Hôtel de ville de Lac-Sergent QC.

Savard’s work is included in private and public collections: Collection des Nageoire V3 Sculptures en aluminium Caisse populaire des rivières, QC; Musée de la civilization Sapin monumental Aluminium et Aluminium anodisé QC; Musée de la civilization Ornement de Noël Cocotte Aluminium anodisé QC.

She was elected into the SSC in 2017. Her studio is based in Québec.

Artist Statement

She continues to perfect the plasma-cutting technique that is the cornerstone of her artwork. By working the metal with delicate handling, she produces forms that seem to physically manifest tensions between nature and culture. Fascinated by the natural sciences, the artist takes inspiration from the complex textures that can be observed in the morphology of living organisms. By the artifice of excess, her creations evoke the madness of organic life, the elegance of the plant kingdom and the astonishment of the animal world.

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