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Por graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture, University of Illinois, Chicago. He worked as a Project manager for NORR Partnership Ltd.& Rayman Architects. Leaning more towards the visual arts, he returned to school – earning an Honours BFA, Majoring in Sculpture at York University.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions as a mixed-media artist since 1971: Bezpala Brown Gallery; NYC International Art Expo; J.B. Aird Gallery; Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition; Ontario Association of Architects; Eleanor Winters Gallery; and the Canadian Sculpture Centre.

His teaching profession included Bnei Akiva High School, Royal Ontario Museum, Varley Art Gallery, Ryerson University, and various locations with the Toronto Board of Education

He was elected into the SSC in 2011. Por currently works and lives in Toronto.

Artist Statement

My work can be categorized as surreal and as a type of hyper-personal eclecticism. Personally relevant issues are addressed in my sculptures, paintings and installations, i.e. religion, social issues, sexuality and politics. Outrage, love, disbelief, reverence and passion are also essential components. Additional sources of inspiration – include our culture, dreams, world events, family issues and found objects. Catharsis (solo exhibition) is the result of my creative undertakings and it is the most meaningful, direct and powerful avenue for staying sane while relating to and coping with the complexities of life on this vulnerable planet.  

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