Oliver Tiura

Oliver Tiura


Oliver Tiura, AOCA, MFA, SSC, a former Professor, is a senior Canadian sculptor of Finnish origin. To date he has over 75 one man and group exhibitions to his credit in a variety of countries including Mexico, the US, Canada and in Europe. His practice involves a wide variety of sculptural and 2-D media including cast bronze, 3D printed resins, acrylics and encaustics.

Artist Statement

Tiura gets excited by certain streams of outsider arts reflecting lines of mythologies from ancient Egyptian times [animal heads on human bodies], to fantastical creatures of the Greek mythologies, even to the fascinating “animals” described by explorers 500 years ago with visual interpretations of unbelievable, surreal, chimeric combinations seen in the works of Hieronymus Bosch. Oliver fuses such chimeric matter including portions of skeletal bones, all kinds of combinations extending out in multiple directions, each reaching out to the outer world. Many heads, flying arms, sculls, wings, claws, body parts all mixed, intertwined, always creating phantasmagoric combinations, asking the viewer to truly look deeply into his body of work to enjoy the experience. His works reference very basic structures of living entities, all challenging further interpretations by the viewer.

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