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Barbara Fletcher


Barbara Fletcher is a British/Canadian Citizen. She has lived worked, studied, and made art in:  Canada, the U.K., U.S.A., Germany, and Belgium. She has traveled extensively in pursuit of artistic and technical knowledge. She holds a B.ED., English & Language Arts, and a Teaching Certificate. She completed an A.O.C.A. from The Ontario College of Art in 1980 and was awarded a Fifth Year Assistantship. She did post graduate work at the University of Toronto.

She was employed as Academic Staff for 27 years at OCAD working in the sculpture/foundry area until retirement in 2008.  Her remaining time was spent making art in bronze, aluminium, steel, acrylic, wood, steel and mixed media. Her work is included in private and public collections in Canada, U.S. and several E.U. countries.

Artist Statement

Through a variety of materials, cast metal, welded metal, cast or sheet acrylic, wood or mixed media, sculptures are produced that are anthropomorphic in nature. Though mostly geometric and rectilinear in form, they deal with human concerns and relationships. Some rely on the optical illusions and participation of the viewer. Some present intrinsic optical struggles. Works reveal interiors that are unexpected. The pieces play an important role in the perception of reality, the external and internal appearances, the fragile yet lethal, the soft yet hard, stable triangles with precarious foundations, shelters or traps, calm sail or sharp blades, warm water and coldest ice. 

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