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Andrew Benyei


Benyei took four decades to find his true passion, art. Knowing it could not be a career because it was too much fun, he graduated from engineering and business school. Then mid-life crises hit and in 1990 he walked away from his career to complete a diploma at the Ontario College of Art and Design and to pursue his art full time. Benyei is best known for his figurative sculptures. His work is expressive and contemporary and captures human dynamics as well as the human condition. Most are anecdotal in a way that invites exploration of a possible underlying story, and many pieces reflect the ups and downs of life in the kind of large organizations where he spent much of his career. Benyei displays an endearing empathy with the subjects he portrays.

Artist Statement

My work is expressive and contemporary and I attempt to capture human dynamics as well as the human condition. Many of my works reflect personal emotional responses to the intricate and complex interactions of people whose expectations have been tempered by life. I empathize with the subjects I portray and try to understand how I would feel in the same situation. For example, my sculptures of ‘traditionally built women’ says that it doesn’t matter what you look like but rather, how you feel about yourself

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