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Joyce Honsberger


In 1989 Honsberger represented Canada on behalf of the SSC at The International Pulp/Paper Sculpture Symposium in Harnosand, Sweden;  and in 1990 at the sculpture workshop and exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico.  She has given numerous workshops and founded two Art Galleries.  Currently, she manages the Arts Place Gallery Collective, located in Port Colborne, Ontario.  Her work is included in public and commercial galleries, corporate and private collections internationally.  Since 1984, Honsberger had eleven solo exhibitions and participated in over seventy-five group exhibitions in Canada, the USA, Europe, Mexico, Japan and Australia.

Artist Statement

The challenge for me is to create sculptures that will spark the psyche, soul, and spirit to breathe, sing, and celebrate – by experiencing great space…time and liberation.

The sculptures are themselves a dance of time and space – the appreciation of time as being allowed by space and in turn expressing space.  Hanging in space they move gently, almost imperceptibly, in the least currents of air.  They usually are constructed of paper pulp, metal rods and space, and exhibit geometric elements.  Although intuitively, spontaneously created, they are seamed with order and intent; energize and are energized by space.  They have evolved into a “space poetry” – a visual music of perpetuating rhythms, vibrating hues, harmony and balance.  Hopefully they echo the beauty, wonder and mystery of our common and not-so-common experience.

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